Create Great with Be Still Gentle Kind – Facebook group now LIVE

My new (private) FB group ‘Create Great’ is now LIVE:

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⚡️ Create Great is now Live ⚡️ . I know what you’re thinking… NOT ANOTHER F’n FB GROUP 🕳 . Yep. I apologise. . I’ve built a private group to help inspire and energise creative practice – my own included! . This is my final last year of my MA with @theopenuniversity @ou_fass . My intention is to use the momentum to host a creative hub and space where we can share and engage with each other’s work – in a fun, friendly manner. . This space will offer genuine SUPPORT, no matter your experience or discipline. My aim is to offer quiet encouragement to all those in need of a safe space to engage creatively. . I will offer monthly creative practice prompts, videos and reading lists, and invite special guests/conversations with beautiful humans willing to share their advice and #toptips. . I learned so much in my first year at the OU, including the importance of listening, reflecting and finding ways to offer useful feedback that encourages the artist – not bring them down! . There is so much NOISE online, we all know that. I hope this hub will cut through the chaos and offer a snug spot where we can engage and inspire authentically, without judgement. . No one is promoting anything – and there is no pressure to share your work. . Be who you need to be. Create what you enjoy doing best and, most importantly, HAVE FUN with like minded creative-geeks 🤓 . I’d love to see you in there! (Link in bio) or search ‘Create Great with Be Still Gentle Kind’.

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I’m excited to engage with people in this hub; a small, safe space – where we can inspire and support each other as we continue to work on our creative practice.

No matter where we’re currently at and what our eventual goals are, this is about support and encouragement and staying energised creatively.

If this group sounds like something you’d like to be involved with – JOIN US – we’d love to see you in there!

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Create Great with Be Still Gentle Kind

Poem: “Are we not of interest to eachother?” – Elizabeth Alexander

Term time is fast approaching, and I’m itching to get started with the second year of my MA in Creative Writing.

First year flew by, as they said it would.

Nothing prepares you for the clattering pace of the hands of time wheeling you toward the next assessment amidst portfolio work.

I had a good first year, better than expected.

Although, I had made sure not to expect too much.

I gave it my all, and remained curious and grateful to be in a position where I could spend time working through my creative muscle, feeling challenged and inspired.

Now, here we are again – the next chapter!

This poem by Elizabeth Alexander appeared in my reading list and I was so taken with it I wanted to share it with you:

(The Poetry Foundation, Alexander, E. (accessed online), accessed 16th June 2019)

First of all, I am mad about couplets. I had no idea until I started writing in them.

Also, enjambment.

A joy!

Here, it pulls you through the piece carefully, and not so much that you run out of breath.

I feel there is a lovely light sense of humour in this piece, and the poem exudes a natural tone of voice, with great use of half rhymes and alliteration.

For me, the pinnacle of this piece is perhaps the ending.

I think landing on a bold, reflective question is masterful, and it’s had me thinking thoughts all-day-long.


What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this poem! Let me know in the comments.


If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate. – Patti Smith


This is a gentle reminder to all creatives who may be struggling and procrastinating out there!

I often reflect on Patti Smith’s work. Her poetry and writing are so uplifting and otherworldly – they always inspire me. She always seems centred and completely in tune with her sense of self as an artist and creator; her values shine through.

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In life, the idea is to be happy… You live simple, you train hard, then you are free. (Eliud Kipchoge)

Human endurance is an incredible thing. How far can we go?

Do we have limits? Or, can we dig deep and go beyond what seems impossible?

Are we able to overcome fear and resistance in our mind in order to succeed?

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#TopTips – Trust

Writing, or any creative discipline takes practice.

Once you begin, you question why it took you so long to get started and dive in.

Suddenly, you are lost in your art, you become obsessed until your fingers and imagination burn out.

It’s through practice that we get better.

“You learn to trust your deep self more and not give in to your voice that wants to avoid writing.” (Natalie Goldberg)