Winter Poems: No. 2 Lines for Winter by Mark Strand

Continuing with my winter poems, I came across this beautiful piece yesterday, ‘Lines for Winter’ by Mark Strand.

It stayed with me the whole day. I kept going back to it, captivated.

The repetition of the line, ‘Tell yourself’ feels very powerful, holding space each time, on its own. It’s thoughtful and considered, like a call to action.

There’s a meditative quality to this piece, a reminder to be kind to ourselves, which I find beautiful and haunting. Gorgeous, rich imagery too, ‘dome of dark’ and ‘cracking white’ of the ‘moon’s gaze’.

Lovely evocative phrasing and language, a highlight being:

‘tell yourself/what you know which is nothing/but the tune your bones play/as you keep going.’

There is something arresting and reassuring about this line. I’m sure we can all relate to some kind of lonely familiarity we hold within ourselves.

A stark and poetic reminder to ‘love what you are’.

Please let me know if you have any winter poems you would like to share on the blog!

#MerryChristmas #Advent #FroheWeinacht

Listen to ‘Winter’ by Kat Healy

Listen to ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, a cover by Kat Healy

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