If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate. – Patti Smith


This is a gentle reminder to all creatives who may be struggling and procrastinating out there!

I often reflect on Patti Smith’s work. Her poetry and writing are so uplifting and otherworldly – they always inspire me. She always seems centred and completely in tune with her sense of self as an artist and creator; her values shine through.

Strangely, I feel she has lived a very simple life. Complex, perhaps, in her relationships and her art, yet her ability to remain deeply connected to her sense of purpose and devote herself to her craft and family has allowed her to follow her dreams and pursue her passions.

Often, we over complicate life and overthink our decisions: too much worry, too much digital content and stimulation surrounding us, tripping us up, clumsily, like angry static noise.

To feel good about ourselves on the inside, we must be kinder to ourselves and learn to disconnect from the ugly buzz of everyday chaos and live more consciously, connecting to what matters to us most.

Then, we can feel good and radiate joy.

(Photo credit:Beni Köhler)


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