If they knock you down, you get up. If they knock you down again, get up. No matter how many times they knock you down, get up again. That is how you should go. (Katagiri Roshi)

No matter what your discipline – art, sport, science, entrepreneurship… Shoot For the Moon! 🌕🌑

Never give up.

Your effort is the achievement and your courage is the success.

I am currently reading ‘Writing Down the Bones’ by Natalie Goldberg.

Each and every page is helping me to reflect and remember why I choose to write, sing and perform.

We will only get better if we continue to practice and take delight in everyday life. Capturing each moment as it arrives.

We have an endless pool of inspiration – all around us. It’s everywhere, the garden, the sock drawer, in love and even in our tears.

Stay connected to your craft.

Never give up trying.

Our effort in continuing through the ups and downs will be our success.

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