In life, the idea is to be happy… You live simple, you train hard, then you are free. (Eliud Kipchoge)

Human endurance is an incredible thing. How far can we go?

Do we have limits? Or, can we dig deep and go beyond what seems impossible?

Are we able to overcome fear and resistance in our mind in order to succeed?

We don’t have to run marathons or long distances to be tested in life.

Perhaps you’re writing a novel or a song, maybe you’re learning to dance or starting a new career.

Whatever it is that’s pushing you to your limit and requires grit and determination, use it to dig deeper than before.

‘Train hard’ and be inspired by your efforts.

When that little devil-voice of doubt creeps in, think about the finish line.

Train your mind and you will overcome.

I’m currently working towards my own personal challenge to finish the year strong!

You can find out more about the #Believer Challenge here.

Are you working on something challenging right now? Let me know in the comments below!



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